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As individuals and as a company and brand, we always strive to make our environmental footprint as small as possible. And as a fashion label, fabric selection is a key factor for us, 80% of our fabrics come from natural fibers such as cotton and viscose. Only a small percentage have synthetic fibers and this is due to the development stage of the textile industry, and only until we can achieve good and resistant fabrics to fulfil our needs. 
Instead of employing traditional printing techniques that use a lot of water in the process, we have been printing most of our fabrics digitally. In this way, we reduce water consumption while obtaining excellent product quality and use the exact amount of ink required for each of our designs.
It is very important for us to be part of each stage of the process. We believe that a close relationship with all of our suppliers not only allows us to delve into details to enable us to create unique products, but also to witness the different manufacturing processes of the factories, and most importantly, to ensure that human and labor rights are respected. We believe that respect is the basis of any relationship and we feel our suppliers are our partners in business. 
We are dedicated to manufacturing good quality garments and strive to minimize our environmental footprint. We believe that the customer also has the possibility of making a responsible use of their garments by making them last as long as possible.