4 vintage perfumes to wear like a poem

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Vintage Perfumes: Our 4 Parisians Favourites!

As French women, we couldn’t imagine leaving the house without wearing our signature scent! Perfume is the sensorial statement of our identity. It’s part of our look as much as a beautiful dress is.

And choosing our parfum is a tradition we learn from the youngest age! At 5 years-old we already wore a fresh and sweet scent.

Usually, we own several favourites and we choose which one to wear according to our mood or the occasion. And everyday is perfume day!



The Romantic from Goutal Paris


Wendy, our founder, grew up wearing l’Eau d’Hadrien from Annick Goutal, and it is an all time Eyes On Floyd favourite for sure. The perfume was created in 1979, and the fresh scent tinted lots of children’s memories.

The special touch: the romantic bottle is so gorgeous, Wendy kept it as a souvenir from her childhood. It looks lovely in any decor and we didn’t hesitate to display it in our last shooting!


It is actually very common to keep your old perfume bottles as some are little works of art. And you can find wonders in French grandmas’ old perfume boxes.

Best thing is: you can get your own French scent delivered here in Australia! Fall for <L’Eau d’Hadrien>, the classic, or , the tribute scent from Annick to her daughter Camille.




The Vintage from Maison Oriza L. Legrand


For special occasions, we choose the historic scents from the prestigious Maison Oriza.

Oriza was the special Perfumer and Distiller of the Court of France from 1720, including Queen Marie-Antoinette; the ‘Fashion Queen’ herself!

The Beau-Monde* of Paris flocked to Place de la Madeleine when their store finally opened to the public in 1890. And Parisians still go there today to find their favourite scent.

I mean, can you blame them? Literally wearing a Queen’s perfume? Hum, yes, please!

It became a famous destination in France; even tourists line up to see the marvellous place and take a picture of this part of our history.

The special touch: Maison Oriza has created prestigious feminine scents for three centuries and the design of their divine bottles was entrusted to the famous crystal-maker Baccarat.\

Fall for <Rêve d’Ossian>, the scent created in the XIX century and inspired from celtic and epic poems, or , from the collection “Jewels of the Crown”, an ode to the Court of Louis XV


*literally: beautiful people. Meaning the world of high society and fashion


Advice from a Frenchy: spray your perfume behind your ears, on your wrists, or at the back of your neck to make it last longer.

Did you like learning about the Parisians’ favourite perfumes? How many bottles do you own? Let us know in the comments!


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