Please follow these steps to ensure your beautiful jewellery lasts a lifetime.

Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals and extreme temperatures to minimise damage or wear. 

To care for your jewellery, follow these instructions:

- Wipe your jewellery after each wear with a soft, gentle cloth.

- Store your jewellery in your eyes on floyd bag provided. 

- Avoid harsh chemicals, such as chlorine in pools and hot tubs, lotions, perfumes and hairspray. Put on your jewellery last. 

- Avoid sleeping in jewellery to bring unnecessary wear and tear.

- To clean your jewellery or when your gold-filled jewellery is looking dull, use a blue polishing cloth to remove dirt and buildup. 

- All pearl jewellery has to be removed before showering and swimming to maintain its luster. Constant exposure to chlorine in water will damage the pearl surface. Similarly chemical substances in perfumes, cosmetics and hairspray will eat holes in the pearl nacre. Put on your pearl jewellery last after your normal skincare and makeup routine. 


For the most part, yes. Gold filled jewellery can withstand normal wear and tear from showering and sleeping in it. However, if you care for your jewellery by removing before showering and sleeping, it will increase your jewellery's longevity and luster.